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Welcome to Diane Dassing Ministries! A place where you can get help if you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, discouraged, unfulfilled or just plain stuck. We can certainly relate. All of us have felt that way from time to time and probably more times than we can even count! Bad choices and repeated mistakes had caused our lives to spiral wildly out of control. Our false pride mask hearts that felt lost, scared, addicted, confused … and shattered at the thought of what might lie ahead. Please know you are not alone and we can help! 

As individuals we struggle to maintain daily life- career, kids, education, relationship, to

name a few. We juggle our different roles and attempt to be better spouses,

employees, friends, and so on. As we strive to have a full life, there are times when fear

of the future creeps in and causes our view of the light of truth to grow dim or become



We attempt to navigate through our challenges and search for support, truth and a safe atmosphere to discuss those fears.  I  found it  in support and care communities. Building relationships in a small group atmosphere has become my lifeline to stay on track and out of harms way.  We all need each other. Our burdens are not as overwhelming when we have someone to share them with.

Please contact us via our Connect Page and we will contact you directly.  We are so looking forward to hearing from you!   

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