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“Diane Dassing speaks from experience and from her heart. Her passion and authenticity come through whether she is in front of an audience, a small group or over a cup of coffee. Her desire to connect and help others defines her message and her work.  While Diane can give examples of recovery and transformation, most importantly she is an example of both.  Diane’s own journey allows her to uniquely see the walk of faith an come alongside others to do the same.”  


John G. Blumberg, National Speaker and Author of Silent Alarm, Good to the Core and Return On Integrity



“Our mission at Community is helping people find their way back to God and Diane’s story of finding her way back to God will not only touch your heart, but it will motivate you and those you lead to share their story with others. Diane knows how God can take our brokenness, even the most difficult circumstances, and redeem them for his good. Her story will inspire, bring tremendous hope, and most importantly point people to Jesus. Oh, and did I mention she tells it with great conviction and a healthy dose of humor! With Diane there is no pretense. She will tell it like it is, which is in part what makes her such an outstanding communicator!”


Jon Ferguson - Founding Pastor, Community Christian Church &

Author, Finding Your Way Back to God and Starting Over



“I have known Diane Dassing for several years.  I was privileged to work with her on the same team at Community Christian Church in various capacities.  In addition, she is a mentor of mine for writing and speaking. I witnessed Diane lead an entire team of people with different skills and abilities to produce a mid-week service.  Her team thrived under her leadership development, vision and encouragement.  Diane had an excellent rapport with her entire team and was respected as an effective leader throughout the organization.”


Sharie Behnke – Small Group Director, Community Christian Church

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