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Diane Dassing is a profound communicator, as a speaker, writer, and teacher. With over 2 decades of recovery experience, Diane has been in the trenches with others who have been broken and has had her own experiences with hopelessness and desperation. However, Diane has found freedom and sees things completely differently now. Thanks to a faith based support and recovery community, she went from leaning on a "dealer" to leaning on the Healer.


Diane listens intently and shares her experiences with women who are no different than herself and employs humor and vulnerability to engage her audience. Her focus is simple - real life, real hope, real change. She believes that hope is real and available to everyone that truly desires it. Transformation can and will happen when women let down their guard and share their struggles and open their minds to discovering hope.


Through the abundant mistakes that she has made, Diane has also learned countless valuable lessons and is passionate to help others make healthy choices that will ignite personal change in them. Her candor in speaking about her own faults is refreshing and humorous while being transparent and raw. She is a “tell it like it is” kind of leader and speaker.


While on staff at Community Christian Church in Naperville as their support and recovery director, Diane's impact was exponential. Her ability to bridge the gap between the secular recovery world and the faith-based world was obvious as she grew Community’s support and recovery ministry threefold. The 100+ weekly attenders included a tremendous number of people from the secular community, many of whom found their way back to God and faith through her ministry.


In 2009, Diane founded non-profit ministry whose dream is to have a residential home for women who are in need of guidance and are looking for freedom and hope. By listening with a compassionate heart and teaching biblical truths, she has found that women will respond with openness and transparency if they truly desire transformation and change. As president and founder of Diane Dassing Ministries, her current goal is to partner with like-minded organizations to provide the resources and support women need to experience transformation and hope.


Diane has had numerous opportunities to speak and share her story over the last ten years as a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries ( since 2005 and has the opportunity to share her testimony all over the Midwest. Her contemporary style using real life experience while sharing difficult consequences from unhealthy choices has been well received by men and women alike.

Diane founded Diane Dassing Ministries in September of 2016.  Her passion to assist those who desire transformation and change continues to be the driving force in her life.

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