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Stonecroft Ministries                                                                            Kansas City, MS

Speaker                                                                                               February 2004 to present


  • Presented personal testimony to unbelievers to bring God’s truth to the community.

  • Traveled extensively through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and  Iowa to share the Gospel

  • Brought humor and fairy tale theme together to embrace contemporary style.

  • Followed speaker guidelines allocated by Stonecroft Ministries.

  • Incorporated guests’ critiques in self-improvement.

Community Christian Church                                                              Naperville, Illinois

Director of Support and Recovery                                                      December 2006 to May 2012



  • Recruited and developed leaders and coaches to create an effective support and recovery team which led to increased attendance by 70%

  • Researched current studies and curriculum based on recovery to ensure promotion of God centered intervention.

  • Communicated effectively with leaders and contributors involved in support and recovery.

  • Trained in 12 step recovery process and different communication models to ensure point to point communication.

  • Implemented diverse curriculum successful in promoting healing in people in recovery.

  • Initiated contact with diverse population to promote sharing of testimonies for large group forum.

  • Maintained contact with catalyst and other directors to provide support and insight.

  • Created vision for support and recovery team and casted it effectively to my campus team.

  • Developed encouraging and enthusiastic team building environment to instill Christ led leaders.

  • Led and developed teaching team.

  • Maintained individual meetings with coaches and leaders.

  • Provided initial and ongoing training tools.

Stonecroft Ministries                                                                            Hinsdale, Illinois

Chair of Board                                                                                     February 2004 to April 2005

  • Directed monthly meetings with the other members of Christian Women’s Club assisting.

  • Organized and mapped monthly agenda for gatherings.

  • Administered improvement techniques for group.

  • Implemented procedures to promote monthly growth at club.

  • Monitored other board member’s performance.

  • Provided solutions to various challenges in the organization.

  • Appointed guest speakers for each month and arranged hospitality provisions for them.

  • Evaluated guest speaker’s ability to reach the audience.

  • Assisted in monthly prayer meetings.

Wayside Cross and Life Spring Center                                                Aurora, Illinois

Teacher                                                                                                January 2002 to December 2002


  • Taught recovery based curriculum that led to healing and complete reliance on God.

  • Developed lesson plans that included large group discussion, interaction and personal       testimonies.

  • Utilized material that consisted of biblical scripture, testimony and ‘Celebrate Recovery’ workbook.

  • Mentored recovering addicts to bring them to a deeper relationship with God.


Ginger Creek Community Church                                                       Aurora, Illinois

Bible Study Leader                                                                              August 2001 to 2004

  • Led several bible studies aimed at strengthening people’s personal connection with God.

  • Used lesson plans that were consistent with church’s doctrine.

  • Trained to lead Kay Arthur’s Precepts class.

  • Supervised classes that focused on large group discussion, small group debate and video.

  • Initiated ‘Apples of Gold’ ministry at Ginger Creek Church.

  • Managed classes that dealt with diverse subjects.

  • Launched ‘Celebrate Recovery’ ministry at Ginger Creek Church.

Ginger Creek Church                                                                          Aurora, Illinois

Accounts Payable                                                                               June 2000 to Dec 2000

  • Accessed church’s software to track checks that were written and contributions that were made.

  • Wrote checks for church’s payment for services rendered.

  • Worked in group-centered environment.

  • Contacted companies that provided services and troubleshot for discrepancies in statements.

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