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Welcome to Lingering in the Garden

Updated: Nov 8, 2018


My garden is my “go to” place where I watch, listen, learn, pray and experience. It’s a place of reflection, solace and even toil. Living in the Midwest limits my physical time in the garden due to weather, so I thought why not linger there mentally and spiritually even when the weather is frightful.

Bernard Shaw writes, “The best place to find God is in the garden. You can dig for Him there.”  This quote resonates with me.

Whether I’m spreading fresh top soil, planting seeds and starter plants, or pulling weeds, God shows that all my work has meaning. Experiencing satisfaction in the explosion of vibrant colors, smelling the sweet aroma of flowers and hearing the bees buzzing around me as they pollinate, my senses remind me of the God who creates.

This blog is the place where I’ll share some musings and daily life happenings in hope to put a smile on your face or remind you that our lives are like a garden and God is the


~ Diane

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