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Welcoming truth, discovering hope, and  finding  freedom in Christ.

Some of you may be familiar with William Shatner. He played the character, Captain Kirk, on the Starship Enterprise on a show called Star Trek. Captain Kirk used to journal all the steps he was taking so he could look back at his progress and see where he had been, and more importantly,  where he was going.

So it is with all of us at the start of this journey or whatever you want to call it. Maybe someone you love or hate suggested this group to you, and you are tired of hearing it, so you yelled, “OK!  I"ll go! Then will you shut up?”


Really, what is 8 weeks in the scheme of things? What is this program all about? Deep in all of us is a yearning to be a part of something greater than ourselves. The problem arises when we think that the universe

revolves around us. Have you experienced the following:


  • Selfish ambition or wanting to be the best at whatever you are involved in no matter the cost?

  • Or sitting on top of the world starts to rule your thought life?

  • More is never enough thinking.  We strive, we seek, we search, we attain, and unfortunately, “more” is never enough.

Out of control thought patterns invade the mildest of men and women and, before we realize it, the person in the mirror is unrecognizable. A couple of hours of counseling are considered or a prescription might help, but the answer is what lies below the surface. It may have something to do with your family of origin, or the secrets you have tucked away. It may also have something to do with your moral compass and the direction in which is pointing. 


We can each obtain a life filled with peace, joy, and freedom. Notice, I did not say, a life without stress and challenges! We can learn a process for dealing with difficult circumstances.  In the end, we all can have what we want (within means). Sometimes our reasons and motives change for the better and that is when freedom happens. You'll find that the contents of this work have personal stories from the heart. My hope is that you will be able to relate or resonate with one or more of the examples and that you will know that you are not alone. There is power, restoration, and hope in the sharing openly and honestly and working through your own personal challenges. Stories in scripture are shared to engage you to consider God’s plan for mankind. While reading about the lives of people from biblical times, we realize that, while these people lived thousands of years ago, we aren't very different from them. We have similar challenges and situations, as

they did, and we can learn much from their experience.  

There will be time carved out during group for discussion to work through your thoughts and ask questions. Our source of truth is the Bible, not the opinions of people or the popular majority. At the end of each Step, we’ve added some key scripture verses for additional study or memorization if you prefer to use it in that manner and go a bit deeper.

I encourage you to open your mind and heart and allow God to show you the steps and the issues that need to be worked through for you personally. You are not reading this by chance. Life is about to change. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find freedom? I, for one, am glad that you made the commitment.

May God bless you as your journey of discovery continues and if you have interest in starting a small group study or if you want more information regarding Step into Freedom please contact us via the Connect Tab or go to Diane Dassing Ministries on Facebook (

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