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As individuals, we struggle to maintain daily life - career, kids, education, relationships, etc.  

We are constantly trying to juggle our different roles and striving to be better;

better spouses, employees, friends, and so on.  

What is Step into Freedom?

Is it an in-depth 8 week study (meets weekly) of what the bible says about God's freedom, forgiveness and grace.  Each "step" includes interactive exercises, personal reflection, biblical examples and discussion.  The steps are comprised of the following:

Step 1: “F” for Freedom - I Need Freedom...


We came to realize that we were bound by our unhealthy choices and decided that a change was needed.

We made a constructive, healthy choice to seek that change and turn from our destructive ways.

Step 2: “R” for Release - I Need to Release...


We came to realize that a relationship with the God who created us was the answer we were seeking.

He offers guidance if we release our lives and our wills to His direction.


Step 3: “E” for Engage - I Need to Engage...


We came to realize that engaging in the process of forgiveness is an essential part of the journey of becoming free from our unhealthy behavior. Equally important is how we engage in extending forgiveness to others who have harmed us.


Step 4: “E” for Establish - I Need to Establish...


We came to realize that establishing and maintaining healthy and trusting relationships is vital to our recovery.

We kept in close communication with a few godly friends and sustained accountability partners.

Step 5: “D” for Discover - I Need to Discover...


We came to realize that we need to discover and experience grace. It is essential in our lives. Grace must be

received individually for complete healing. We understand that God offers grace freely and we cannot earn it.

Step 6: “O” for Others - I Need to Join Others in Community...


We came to realize that surrounding ourselves with like‐minded people who understand our challenges is

not just supportive, but critical to our healing. Seeking out help from others is a crucial step in faith.


Step 7: “M” for Movement - I Need to Move toward Helping Others...


We came to realize that extending a helping hand to other people who have lost hope is an opportunity to

share the blessings we have received. We look outside of our own world and stand shoulder to

shoulder with someone else who is seeking to step into freedom.

Now ... how can YOU Step into Freedom?

Join me as we discuss daily struggles and gain insight from one another. We will learn to:



Learn about what the bible says about God's freedom, forgiveness and grace.


TRUST OTHERS by sharing life stories, struggles and experiences in a confidential community of support, discussion and new perspectives on life's challenges.



If your choices have led to relational, emotional, financial, or physical regret, this program prepares you to challenge those belief systems and equips you to discover new healthier truths.

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