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“Karl and Crew” is a morning show that broadcasts on Moody Radio in the wee hours of daybreak. I listen to this station while getting ready for work. This group of announcers entertains me on days that are bleak, and my mood is dull. There are times that I spit water out all over my mirror while brushing my teeth caused by the humor of this team. They are an amusing group. What is the appeal, you might ask? That’s a good question.

The answer is-it’s their zeal. Now that’s a word you don’t hear used much today. The definition of the word means to have eager desire for a person, cause or endeavor. To have enthusiastic diligence. I like that! I want that! As this group of different aged people share their stories, their love for life, people, and the Lord, their passion shines through like a beacon of light piercing dense fog. What is even more attractive to me is, they are real. Karl is the same age as me. The others on the team are younger. The challenges of life this young group shares, has caused me to be empathetic and considerate to people in their life stage. I’ve grown to love them and feel like I’m part of their tribe. It’s kinda weird.

While on staff at a local church, one of the benefits I grew accustomed to was meeting with the pastor whose position was to oversee the directors of small groups. Since I was one of those people, I had the opportunity to meet with Nick twice a month. During our meeting, he asked specific questions. What I mean by that is, he didn’t ask, “how are you doing?” Nick would ask, “How did God show up in your life this past week?” or “Tell me about the new leaders that are on your team.” No one word answers would be accepted here, they were all essay questions and required a conversation. He was a master at this because he had been doing it for years. He probed. He listened. He cared. He’s wise. Nick challenged me which didn’t go over well many times, quite frankly. You know why? Because Nick was 20 years younger than me! That is two (2) whole decades. How had this young whippersnapper develop this kind of wisdom??

The ages of individuals I chose to spend time with the past 12 months is all over the map. As I glance at the calendar, I notice another year is coming to an end. I read over the squares in my pocket planner and reflect on the time spent with friends and acquaintances. The church that Rick and I attend is in a series called “Growing Younger” It’s about discipling the younger people in our sphere of influence and passing our faith down to the next generation. I am passionate about this, and I guess you can say that I am zealous about it. The bible talks about reading the scriptures with our families and friends. God encourages us to memorize scripture, live what it says, and to pass it on. What would happen to future generations if all of us 50 somethings kept our faith to ourselves and never shared it or spoke about experiencing God? Many people who are young in years have poured into my life at the same time I have invested in theirs. It’s interesting how that works.

Personally, I consider myself a pretty sharp cookie, and the Lord never fails to remind me that I’m not the only one. I am blessed to have friends from many generations. The young ones, they energize me, make me laugh and cause me to miss my own youth at times. People my senior share encouragement and wisdom that is priceless. It’s reciprocal.

With each day’s passing I know that I am one day closer to heaven. I am excited about eternity. While I am still on this earth, I want to share Jesus with those who cross my path, whatever the age. I’ll continue to listen in and listen up with “Karl and Crew” in the early morning to receive some encouragement and start my day with this multi- generational group.

As the saying goes, “Try it, you’ll like it.” Moody Radio WMBI 90.1 FM


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